Online Yearbooks

Welcome to the PCHS / PCSS online yearbooks! There's nothing like bringing the past back to life by leafing through an old yearbook and immersing yourself in memories from your youth. Our school has published over 60 years of yearbooks, yet most of us have only four or five of them (this is, if we even still have them). This section is your opportunity to not only look back at your adolescence, but also to catch a glimpse of PCSS life before you were a student, or perhaps before you were even born! Re-discover your school and explore the changes in its culture either before or after you attended.

Click on a tab below and a PDF version of the yearbook will open in a new window. Some files are very large so be patient and wait for it to load or download to your computer.

Unfortunately at this point the 2016 and 2017 Yearbooks are much larger than previous books and the website is having trouble dealing with them. Fixes are ongoing so please stay tuned and check back later.