PCSS Stories

School yearbooks are an excellent starting point – they have class pictures, grad pictures, and photos of all the clubs and sports teams.

The true spirit of the school is not merely a collection of photos and grad comments; it’s a series of memorable events and stories that span several generations. These are the stories you will share with your friends and relatives – the ones that you love to tell over and over again! Our most vivid high school experiences were probably not detailed in any yearbook, but make up many defining moments in our adolescence.

Please share with us, your best high school stories and memories – the ones that have never been written down – tales that evoke laughter, tears, joy, pride, satisfaction or frustration. Send us the stories that you would share over a beer with your closest friends. We want to preserve what you’ve experienced and share your memories with graduates from all decades. Help us capture the spirit of the past 90 years!
The e-mail address is: pcstories@pcssreunions.com

Your stories will be posted in this section, and can be any length.

About Football
by Chris McGann
Ancient History
with Miss Collip

by Gabrielle (Prior) MacDonald (1962)
Best Prank

By John Somerset (1960)
by Chris McGann (1970)
 Ends of the Earth
Chris McGann 1970
 Football Prank
by Dan Crespi
by Chris McGann (1970)
 Has Anyone Seen Arn?
by Bob Yewchuk (1983)
 Horse Manure Pran1
by Bob James
 How is your memory?
Chris McGann (1970)
 Lunchbag Letdown
by Bob Winegar (1958)
by Peter Gagan
by Lisa Marie (Hartley) Seeger (1983)
 Mortal Remains
by Chris McGann (1970)
 PCSS Choirs

by David Fitz-Gibbon (1966)
 Pistons Toe nails and Toilets
by Chris McGann (1970)
 Riding Shotgun
by Chris McGann (1970)
 The Great PC Pie Eating Contest
by Chris McGann
 The Track
by Chris McGann (1970)
Blue and Gold
By Chris McGann