Video Library

The PCSS Video Library

Welcome to the PCSS online video library! A number of video cassettes we found containing some PCSS teacher interviews from 1985. There were a few sections that are a bit garbled, but overall, most of the material was readable.

Former music teacher Ostap Brezden.

PCSS Music Programme


The Birth of COVIA

Music Department’s Reputation

Former English teacher Robbert Peené.

Becoming A Teacher

Banning Books

Teaching At Cawthra

A Good Class

Textbook variety among schools

The 1984 Election

Former English / Film Arts teacher Paul Englert.

Producing quality yearbooks

A yearbook course

Former Drama teacher Dave Powers.

Life Before PCSS

Life After PCSS

Favourite Role

Enjoying Teaching

Former Principal James Gollert.

PCSS Reputation

School Programmes

Special Programmes

Teaching In Germany

A Request For Archival Material

We’re looking for PCSS packrats! If you’ve saved any items from your high school days which you feel would make a worthwhile addition to this web site – photographs, music concert programmes, school newspapers, local newspaper articles about our school etc. – then please contact us so that we can make arrangements to borrow and digitize them. We will treat your submissions with the utmost care, and return them to you in the same condition.