1948 Western Conference Co-Champions, Semi-Finalists

(L-R): B. Cohoon, A. Walker, W. Coulter, B. Langdon, J. Beaton, M. Tkochuk, M. Priest, B. Courtney, A. Webster, C. Miller, M. Leonard, D. COurtney, B. Gloyer.

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1967 Junior A Football Champions T.T.S.S.A.A.

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“After nearly 45 years, it is difficult to remember many details of this particular football game. I know we played Lorne Park Secondary School. Checking a yearbook tells me that the game was played on November 9. I remember it being a cold, damp, cloudy autumn afternoon. Tom Boaz caught a pass from quarterback John Raynor for the winning touchdown. I was punched in the stomach by a Lorne park player in a gesture of good sportsmanship when it became clear they were going to lose. Sadly, our quarterback John Plaxton (#12), was to die in a car accident four months later, along with three other Port Credit students.” — Chris McGann (#20)

Back Row (L-R): Mr. Powell, Ed Sandford, Chris McGann, Tom Boaz, Bob Schott, Tom Newitt, John Plaxton, Jerry Fullerton, Curt Smith, Bob Boaz, Fred Davis, Dave Clare.
Middle Row (L-R): Jeff Derbyshire, Jim Laird, Bill Weller, Jim Schoenhardt, John Rayner, John Frittenbourg, Renis Ryke, Chris Garner, Fred Lazar, Mr. Renton.
Fromt Row (L-R): Derek Elliot, Mike Sills, Steve Legault, Bill Semple, Greg Lucas, Ron Schott, John Stackwell, Rick Block, Russ Sawchuk, Skip Izon, Mr. Brown.